About Cubbies Pizza

    At Cubbies Pizza we value Quality, Cleanliness and Food Safety. The Quality of our pizza is above all others. We don't skimp on toppings and use the best ingredients to make sure our pizza tastes great! The locations are kept clean as we expect our customers to feel comfortable and never have a doubt that we are doing our best job. Food Satety is a top priority and the "A" on our door will always be an "A". We understand what we are working for the customers.


    Our owner Jim Reed has been in the pizza business since the early 80's when he took a delivery job with Domino's Pizza. In fact he was the first delivery driver hired by Domino's Pizza in Bakersfield, California in May of 1984. He has loved the pizza business ever since and went on to manage 11 different pizza stores in Bakersfield. Let's just say he has made a lot of pizza! His vision was always to own a pizza place that made a higher quality pizza and 29 years later his dream came true. Cubbies Chicago Style Pizza was born in January of 2012 serving the highest quality pizza, pasta, salads, hot dogs and sandwiches.


History of Chicago Style Pizza


Chicago style deep dish with it's thick layer of crust, loaded with sauce, toppings and a thick layer of cheese was said to have been invented in Chicago, in 1943, by the founder of pizzeria Uno's head chef Rudy Malnati.


A particularly muddled detail involves one of Chicago’s most famous pizza families, the Malnatis. Adolpho “Rudy” Malnati, Sr – a one-time employee at Pizzeria Uno – claimed that it was his spark of genius that created the recipe. He and his brother Riccardo, according to the Malnati family, would hand out slices of Pizzeria Uno’s deep-dish on Chicago street corners in the hopes that passersby would give it a taste.

However a year before in 1942, the original Gino's Pizza located on Rush Street opened its doors. And the argument of who invented the Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza is said to be raging even today. Many Chicago Style pizzerias have opened with the same idea High Quality Deep Dish pizza with that legendary taste and style. I don't know who invented it but I am sure glad they did!

In addition to deep dish pizza, Chicago thin crust is unique with a crunchy texture that sets its self apart for New York Style's soft and doughy style crust.

Chicago Style Pizza has a rich and legendary heritage that is admired from all over the world. If you are a pizza lover and you have never tried Chicago Style Pizza, you are in for a treat! Cubbies Chicago Style Pizza prides it's self in authentic Chicago Style Pizza that you are sure to love. And remember 7 days without pizza makes one weak!