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Cubbies in the Community

What We Do.

Cubbies Pizza prides itself in Community Support. We enjoy helping our local schools with fundraising events. We provide two different types of fundraiser, Pizza Night and Fundraising Gift Certifcates for raffles.

Pizza Night

Pizza Night is a great way to earn some cash and is our most popular fundraiser. Pizza night is an event reserved in advance on a specific day.  You and your organization promote the event and everyone just comes in for pizza. (Pretty Simple).  Cubbies pays 20% of the total sales that comes from your organization.

Fundraiser School Raffles

​Fundraiser Gift Certificates are a way to make money for your organization. 

Here are a few of the organizations that we have sponsored or have done fundraisers with us.

  • Centennial Swim Team
  • Centennial Choir
  • Frontier Swim Team
  • Frontier Baseball
  • Almondale Elementary
  • Discovery Elementary
  • Norris Elementary
  • Bakersfield Parent Nursery
  • Relay for Life
  • Alzheimer’s Association
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